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Research Team

The Hot Spring Water Analysis Group

      The purpose of this group is to establish a standard for analytical procedures and items for hot spring water. This will provide guidelines and serve as a reference for the government in setting up analysis regulations for hot spring water. Moreover, this group has also established a certificated hot spring water analysis laboratory to provide water characterization and analysis services for the hot spring industry.


The Hot Spring Products Development Group

  The purpose of this group is to compile geographical and geological information on hot springs to facilitate accurate investigation of geographic locations and geological situations. The group also attempts to establish geographic characterization of hot spring areas to address the potential analysis of geothermal exploitation. The group records the outcomes of previous related studies and has established a database, which utilizes a GIS system to integrate the location, temperature, quality and exploitation potential of hot spring resources in a particular area, and will be used to establish standards for water quality analysis and quantity measurement.


The Hot Spring Education and Promotion Group

      The aims of this group are to coordinate with the government in promoting hot spring law and related assistance services, help hot spring owners to become better educated about their field, study the regulation of professional certifications, and educate specialists in the field of hot springs. It is hoped the work of the group can enhance the quality of professional people in the hot spring industry, increase the level of service, and enhance the international competitiveness and attractiveness.


The Hot Spring Geography Information Group

      The purpose of this group is to compile information about resource distribution and user profiles in hot spring areas. In order to coordinate with the government in accelerating the process of M/e improvement (e-life, e-business, e-government and e-communication) and the strategy of U improvement (Ubiquitous), this group provides new technical ideas through the establishment of innovative space technology, the information industry, and earth science, and is dedicated to establishing a complete system for the space and technology industry in Taiwan. This research team plans to employ the 3S space technology of GPS, RS and GIS in the application of geographical and water information in Taiwan’s hot spring areas, in order to progressively establish an environmental management system for hot spring water resources.



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