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  The development of hot spring resources has a long history in Taiwan. For the public resource, the operator has always adopted the concept of local materials and used it without restraint. In order to ensure the sustainable use of hot spring resource, the government promulgated the hot spring law in 2003 and managed the use of hot spring resources.

  Chia Nan Pharmacology University has been recognized by the public for hot spring resource management profession. Therefore, in 2005, it was donated to set up the Taiwan Hot Spring Research Center (THSRC) by the Water Resources Department, MOEA. To assist the government in the monitoring and investigation of hot spring resources and counsel the legalization of the industry. Construct a cooperative relationship between the school and the production and officials. Our school was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2007 to establish the Hot Spring Industry Research Institute. In 2010, we was entrusted by the Council Indigenous Peoples to establish Management Office of Hot Spring Project.

  Since 2004, the Hot Spring Industrial Research Institute has undertaken more than 50 project commissions (accumulated more than 180 million), published 4 books on hot spring technology, applied for 2 patents, developed a variety of hot spring products and assisted many operators to apply the licenses from government. We not only serve as consultants for the Taiwan Hot Spring Tourism Association, but also hold international hot spring forums many times. Our performance of the industry-university cooperation is the best in related field of domestic, we are also the important unit for policy advice of Council of Indigenous Peoples and Taiwan Water Resources Agency.

  The Hot Spring Research Center (THSRC) is the best in related field domestic of the industry-university cooperation. It's also an important unit for policy advice of Council of Indigenous Peoples and Taiwan Water Resources Agency.


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